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Term 1 Project – Kung Fury Ctrl-Alt-Enter the Dragon

 Overview of this post

In this blog post I will include everything that is related to my final project. This will include the final project itself as well as the processes of creating it. I will also include all the research and write ups I have done around the topic of my final project and the beat ’em-up genre.

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Term 1

Who am I?

This section will be filled with work which allows me to understand myself and the things I have learned in the previous year. I will include 3 different pieces of work for this section which explore different areas which will greatly benefit me, it’s like a reflection on the previous work I have done as well as my personality and traits.

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EP Portfolio FINAL

Word file: Year One Portfolio Draft 12 04/07/2017

flip book: Year One Portfolio 12

Extended Project- Week 7

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Extended Project- Week 6

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Extended Project- Week 5

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Extended Project- Week 4


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Extended Project – Week 3


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Extended Project – Week 2

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