My name is Kacper if it wasn’t obvious by the URL of this website and I’m doing a UAL Level 3 Game Design course in college. So I’ll be writing a short introduction to start of this new blog!

I’ve been fascinated by structures and environments which got me into map making. I wanted to get professional in this as it’s something I would truly enjoy doing as a career. I do play a lot of games and seriously enjoy if the level or world is filled with details and story. Dark souls always grabbed my attention when it came to telling stories through the environment and been always interested in castles and cathedral designs of buildings. I do make maps in my spare time as a hobby but I would love to expand my knowledge and hopefully do something that i would be passionate about.

Character design and 3D modeling is something I’ve been keen on as well, creating different types of objects or even creating characters with unique stories and looks.

The beginning of my journey starts now. Hopefully my work will be amazing and also interesting.