The Soul’s games (Dark souls, Demon’s souls and Bloodborne) contain some of the most immersive and overwhelming structures and environment in the games industry. Including vast ranges of different locations and styles throughout those areas, some are darker with more isolated areas where the atmosphere is grim and deserted, left and untreated. When some show large structures and clean design, telling a story through the environment.

Whenever I play through a game the two things that get me engaged into a story are the characters and environments. But what I love the most about the Soul’s games is how them two connect with each other, the characters you speak too will tell you about the certain environments and what happened and why. One of my favorite areas in Dark souls 1 is New Londo Ruins. The area got flooded to prevent dark wraiths and to keep the dark spirits to escape to the rest of the lands, dark wraiths used to pillage and kill people for their humanity and use it to grow stronger. I’ll place in a video telling the story of this place:

Bloodborne in my opinion has the most impressive structures in any game I’ve ever seen. Buildings look like cathedrals and castles, it also gives a London victory vibe to the game. Like always the environment tells a deep story and with the characters within the game telling you what they went through and seen, only increases the in depth and fascinating immersion to the game.

This was just a basic talk on how the environment and overall way the areas are structured can build a stronger story and draw people into the game.