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Locate, access and use information to support own development 1.1

Critically evaluate a range of working practices and methods 2.1

Games Development Pipeline – Sleeping Dogs


Sleeping dogs required a lot of research in order for it to resemble how it currently and was on the Hong Kong streets between rival gangs and families.



The idea of Sleeping Dogs was originally made by Activison working with United Front Games in the end of 2007. Later on the cycle of the game it was canceled due to the Quality of the game not meeting their standards. Square Enix brought the game off Activision and made it with United Front. The idea was about the Chinese gang groups and heavily influenced on what they’re doing currently, It’s very real and does exist to this current day.


People who enjoy 3rd person action packed video games with a free roam and missions within the game, similar to the Grand Theft Auto series. There was a huge following in the game when it was announced and when people heard about its closure a lot of people demanded it to be open to the public, after a while it came out due to Square Enix buying the rights off Activison and there was a lot of hype behind the game.


The Idea of the game was about a undercover police officer who was moved from an American police department was told to infiltrate and destroy the Triad organization. So they did a lot of research about the location the game is set (Hong Kong) and about the Triad Organization in that area, they did interviews with the gangs to get a first hand experience about what they are.


Story line

They would of had to write an entire script which included all of the dialog and certain key features within the game. Such as the back story of your character and all of they people who you’re working with. They would have to write dialog for all the characters and explain which time and part of the game they would be saying that particular piece of dialog.


They did a lot of concept art for the game as they were creating a game based in Hong Kong, meanwhile the company is based in Tokyo.


They did this so they would understand how the area would look like and would want to stay authentic when it comes to the design of the area. They did concept-art for the protagonist too in order for the 3D modeling and texturing crew to understand how they look like.

Game Play Mechanic

The game was a 3rd person shooter mixed with some martial arts fighting styles. The movement was swift and responsive with counters towards punches or leaps over barriers. Very similar to Grand theft auto in the way that it’s a open world sandbox with missions and events scattered all over the area

Game Goals

The game is trying really hard to decrypt what it would be like to live in Hong Kong and also being involved with the Triad Gangs. Tries to fully immerse you into the action and the story of these people and makes you believe you are the protagonist himself.

Story board and Level Design

For key parts of the game such as cut scenes they would make a story board to show the animators what they would like to achieve. It would include voice lines and show the movements of the characters between each section. The level design would be something that would be first done on paper as a sketch, it would be a top down view of an area with shapes or colours representing different things. This would be easy for you to look at and identify where everything goes and where.



The planning phase is finished and now the modelers would begin creating models for the game, they would do the important things first such as the character models and the level design. As this used to be a scrapped game there were some models which were used that another company made before them.


The animation department would work hand in hand with the 3D department as they were responsible for all of the model and their framework. They would need to manipulate the skeletons of the model in order to suit the animators standards. They would work on most of the animations of the game, such as lip sync, character movement and a lot more.


The programming department would work hand in hand with most of the departments as they are the people who stitch all of these models, sounds and animations together and so they don’t collide with each other and work well with one another. They would use the games engine to do this.


The sound department would be responsible for all of the in game dialog, music and all of the effects created within the game by the player. They would need to record footsteps sounds as an example and work with music artists to create soundtracks for certain areas of the game. They would also have to stick to the games theme which is Gangs and Asia. Anything that you hear within the game the sound department would be responsible for.


The arts department would texture all of the models in a certain amount of detail to fit the platforms the game was going to run on. They would also be in charge of all of the interactive menus or overlay displays within the game.

Post Production


This is the stage where a large team of people sit down and play the game once the first build of the game is finished. They look out for certain bugs which can be within the games making and have been over seen by the developers. They would notify them of the bug and fix it.


As mentioned before the Testing team would play through the game and every bug that was found can be fixed or improved.


Pegi gives a certificate of your game, making it be able to be sold to people at a certain age. They may reject the game if it doesn’t fix their standard or is morally not right which can be anything that is deemed extremely inappropriate.


Most of the budget would go towards advertisement and lets everyone know about the games release or future release. This builds up early hype and generates money for the company before the game even releases. Also creates a fan base which will most likely pre-order and purchase the game on release.

Apply knowledge of working practices to support own development 2.2

The info-graphic below shows the teams involvement within a triple A game and shows how each role within the development team is important for the success and production of the game.


Organise self and work to meet deadlines and targets 3.1

During this term I tried to catch up on all the things I missed out during the college hours. I did so in my own spare time while at home and also set a hour a day to catch up on work while we were on our break which allowed me to catch up without falling even further behind. While trying to catch up there were a lot of setbacks which caused me to fall further and further behind such as not being able to attend for 2 week and also losing my memory stick which contained most of my Unit 1 work on. I got around these by working mostly on them at home, with Unit 1 I downloaded and installed 3Ds max so I could model the things I needed at home as well as catching up on all of the other things necessary in the other units.

Demonstrate consideration and professionalism in working with others 3.2

Link to all my finished assets:

Working together in a group is extremely important in many places of work, as an example a development group would get together and discuss ideas and share their thoughts on one another’s ideas to produce a final idea which everyone has a strong understanding in and also allows to brain storm ideas within that group and produce something better and more structured. The benefits of working as a team;

  • Brain storming ideas with multiple people
  • Allowing to get constructive criticism
  • More people means more creative ideas
  • People can go over certain things and tell you what to improve
  • Would take lesser amount of time when it comes to creation