Promoting Indie Games

I will be looking at ways to promote indie games for free by using social media which can contact a lot of people who use these sites on a daily basis and can target different demographics. I’m doing this to personally find out what I personally could use if I ever want to advertise and reach people to tell people about the game I would work on.


facebookI’ve chosen Facebook for the reason of being able to share a lot of my content through a Facebook page which can be created for free and quickly. It allows me to upload website links, photography, text, video and audio. This social media site allows people to share, like and follow the page which can create more interest in people as it would show up on their friend’s feeds.


  • There are 50 million small businesses on Facebook.
  • 75% of companies will pay to promote posts.
  •  Post published on Thursday and Friday receive the highest engagement.



Sharing allows your media to go far and build interest. There is a lot of noise (Useless/Junk posts).
Easily manage your profile and can give control to other people within your group to be a admin. 81 fake accounts, could even be bots which can mass flag/report your media.
A lot of people use Facebook on a daily basis (1 billion every day). Companies with money will spend money to get their businesses noticed.


twitterTwitter is a very quick and simple way to share things as it allows you to tweet messages which can hold imbedded images, videos, links and can hold 140 characters of text. You can use # and @ to allow people to find your tweets more easily or if you want to contact someone of interest. Twitter is a good site to give brief information and also share awareness for the game they would be working on. Links can save space and even create more traffic in different social media sites such as Facebook and it can bring attention to those sites allowing you to grow even more.


There are currently 313 million active users as of 05/01/2017. Which means for indie companies that this site is very popular and there would be a large demographic of people who would be interested in the things you plan to make.

There are currently 82% users on mobile as of 05/01/2017. This can be a positive and negative for some indie companies depending on the platform of choice. This means that 256,660,000 people are on mobile and only 56,340,000 are none mobile platforms. Mobile indie games will have a larger interest on twitter because of the high percentage of people on mobile devices.

65.8% of US companies use Twitter for marketing as of 17/05/2016. This means there might be a lot of competition within that area which means that it might be harder for you to get noticed by those people as the bigger companies might flood your demographic with their products.

  • The average twitter user follows 5 businesses
  • 80% of twitter users have mentioned a brand in a tweet
  • A day’s worth of Tweets would fill a10 million page book

Tweets with images receive 18% more click through, 89% more likes, and 150% more retweets as of 17/05/2016. This means that people are more interested in visual advertisement more and it would get more traffic if you simply add a picture with the tweet.



A lot of people mention businesses and brands. There is a lot of noise (Useless/Junk tweets).
Images have more chance of getting you noticed. Business side of twitter is mainly controlled by larger companies.
Can get noticed using # and @. Character limit could be an issue and you would have to rely on other social media sites.



youtubeYouTube is a very good way to share video content with people as it’s a video sharing social media website. This allows anyone to upload videos under a free YouTube account onto your own channel. You can upload videos showing your progress or early stages of the game to create early hype and an early community which will be looking forward to the game. If your video gets quick traffic it would be recommended to people on the website creating even more interest. Although this is an amazing website it is very saturated and quite hard to get noticed when you set up.


  • More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices
  • 9% of U.S small businesses use YouTube
  • He most viewed brand videos are on average 31-60 seconds long (32% of all views)



Allows you to generate money from the videos if they gain a large view count. Lack of interaction with the customers.
Subscribers can be easily notified when you upload something and can get recommended to other people. Hard to get noticed on the early stages of channel growth.
Best social media site at the current moment to upload video media. Bad algorithms



099350-reddit-logoReddit is a very good media page which allows you to post on sub-Reddit boards which are categories within the actual page. This allows people to easily track and locate your indie game or company. Reddit is also known as the front page of the internet as most of the newest and popular things usually end up first on Reddit.


  •  853,824 sub-Reddit to date (23/6/15)
  • 8 billion Reddit page views each month
  • There are 11,464 active Reddit communities as of (19/2/16)



Narrows down your content into sub-Reddit allowing people to easily find you. Is saturated with a lot of content within those sub-Reddit threads but it isn’t that bad.
5th most popular sub-reddit is r/gaming which will be perfect for a indie developer. May be difficult to understand as the interface isn’t as simple to understand (not user friendly).


Instagram is a really good way to share your photo with your followers, you can also share text and videos but they aren’t as well received compared to photos as they receive the highest interest. You can use this Instagram to share your progress through pictures and even link it in other social medias. I personally see this site as a way to promote pictures online and gather interest in maybe the concept art you may publish or even finished models or pictures.


  •  48.8% of brands are on Instagram. By 2017, this is predicted to rise to 70.7%
  • 96% of US fashion brands are on Instagram
  • Over a third of Instagram users have used their mobile to purchase a product online– making them 70% more likely to do so than non-users
  • Instagram now has 400 million active users
  • Over 60% of users log in daily, making it the second most engaged network after Facebook



A lot of people purchase items from Instagram which can make it a good selling platform. Users are mainly focused on fashion compared to any other business.
The engagement of posts have grown 416% past the last two years which makes the website more popular. Dominated by the top 100 brands as 90% of them are on Instagram.


Introduction to Pixel Art – Harry Potter

We were tasked with making a pixel art of Harry from Harry Potter. We were tasked with making it on a 24×24 pixel canvas.


I started of by getting a reference picture for colours and overall look of the chosen character. Then drew in a body shape of how I wanted him to look like. I also made the background a faint grey to not have it a very bright white.

Proceeded to put down the base colours which I took directly from the reference picture itself using the pipette tool which allows you to take any colour from any pixel. I also made the shape more how I wanted it and I didn’t follow the original template and only used it as a guide.

I then added shading to the pixel art to give it variation and depth. Then proceeded to add his scar and glasses to finish of his look and finally have the finished picture. I used different layers for all the different steps to keep them separated and easier to change in the future.

The problems I’ve faced while creating the character was the overall proportions and also the glasses. I had to make sure that I had enough room for all of he important details on the head such as the glasses and the scar located on his forehead. I came up with a style of pixel drawing which is a over sized head for the body, similar to “chibi” art styles.

Personally I like the art style i went for, the proportions aren’t accurate but it’s how I wanted it as its not suppose to be realistic. If I could work on it a little more I would, adding more smaller details and making Harry’s scare more noticeable.

Indie Game Creation Planning

Oscar Wilde – Jurassic Period

  • Gets pulled into the story while writing it, along with other works.
  • Endings mixed up, has to reorder them
  • Characters from his previous works (Dorian Gray, Earnest) appear in the story
  • Has to collect and reorder the pages/endings to escape


The synopsis will quickly summarise what the game will be about, allowing the reader to get a feeling of the game before actually playing it. It also tells the story of the game and can entice people to play the game just from the piece of text.

“While writing a new novel about the Jurassic period, Oscar Wilde trying a new ink with a pulsing aura filled with a dark energy. That night lightning hit his house which triggered the inks powers which opened a portal in the book, Oscar Wilde and his previous works get sucked into his latest story. Now trapped in a fictional world, the endings of the books are mixed up which prevent him from leaving. He must fix all the endings to those stories by collecting pages in order to unscramble them and place them to how they were originally, while avoiding enemies from the current novel which will feature different dinosaurs from that era. It will be one long story.”


  • It is Like Jumanji in story and concept.
  • Requires a heavier reference to the Jurassic period as they couldn’t fully tell it was in the Jurassic period.
  • We were asked about the accuracy of dinosaurs and we told them we wanted to keep it to the accuracy of the knowledge they had in the period of Oscar Wilde.
  • To secure a art style and have a clear colour pallet.

Reflection on the week

This week there was a lot of planning and setting up our indie teams which required a lot of communication between one another. We also found out what our game was going to be about and made sure that we all had a strong understand on what the story will be and how we lay out the game. When we came up with the finalised story we shared it with the other people in the room to get feedback, which we did and we can strongly benefit from. Overall this week has been just mainly preparing us for what is going to happen for the next couple of weeks.