Introduction to Pixel Art – Queen

We were tasked with creating a pixel art of the English Queen, we also had to create 3 different pixel arts of the same reference picture but with a larger canvas size. We had to first do a 16 x 16 then proceeded to go to 24 x 24 and finally 32 x 32. We took pictures of our progress in order for us to easily explain and show our process.

Before I started I made sure I created the canvas size to 16 x 16 pixels and also made sure I had grid enabled and set to every 1 pixel.


I started off with creating a silhouette of my sprite, we couldn’t have it in the same pose as we tried to make it like it’s in a 2D game side scroller. We made sure we didn’t have a white background which can alter the perspective of the final image itself (also happens with other bright colours). I then started to make the actual silhouette by using a darker colour from the base to make it, I made sure that it would fit the style I was going for.


I then made a new layer from the silhouette and background, this was going to be my main bod and head for the sprite. I used the pipette tool to take colours from the reference image itself so I can stay true to the colours used in the picture. When working at such a low resolution I had to make sure to add in all the key features within the image itself, such as the crown and blue ribbon. I then proceeded to add finer detail such as the brooch located on the bottom of the blue ribbon.


On the final layer I added in the hands so I could position them where I wanted without drawing on top of the body and would have to repaint if I wanted to change something. I also added in shading to give the final piece variation and depth. I made the finishing touches too and made sure it’s how I wanted it. Then I exported it as a PNG and that was the first picture finished.


I created a new canvas using a different resolution, which is 24 x 24. I used the same processed as last time with the silhouette. I made the same sort of same shape as before but this time as I had more pixels to work with I decided to add more detail in the shape such as the draped dress.


After I created the silhouette of the queen I proceeded to add the necessary colours to it using the reference for the colours. I made sure I placed everything in such a way that it would be easy for the person looking at this pixel art to tell apart each section of the character.


I added in the final details to the pixel art such as the ribbon, crown and arms. I also added some shading to give the whole picture depth.

Overall I feel like I kept the same art style as before and I’ll try to maintain it as I personally like the way it turns out. The colours seemed to be quite washed out and I feel like in this pixel art they blend together too much. I could go back and change the vibrancy of few things.

While working on the final resolution I wanted to improve on my mistake last time and well as add more finer detail to the crown and ribbon, as well as adding a earring which could be easily animated if I had the choice to.  I used the same process as before and then ended the pixel art with shading and fine detailing such as the patterns on the crown.

Personally I think I nailed what was wrong with my previous one, and feel like the art style kept to its roots and is similar to the previous ones. If I could I might maybe make the ear ring and crown pop more so its more visible.

Finalised Story concept

Underneath I’ll be explaining the final story concept with all of the research that was taken and also explain various assets which will be used within the game.


Oscar Wilde is trapped in his own Jurassic novel and is tasked with rebuilding the story of the novel in order to escape, although his other novels which he wrote are also dragged into this world and he must rebuild those stories too. He will be going to make his way through dinosaurs which are relevant to that era and also ink monsters which were created by the ink.


Collecting pages in order to rebuild the novel which he was dragged into, making his way through countless monsters and at the end of each level he will be completing that levels book. The characters from those books will allow the player to move to the next area and give the player the important pages which will get him out of the world. At the end when collecting each levels main pages he will be transported back to his own world finishing the Jurassic novel.


Oscar Wilde: He will be played by the player and it will be the protagonist. Hes a writer and a playwright, quite flamboyant and witty.

Dinosaurs: They will be the enemies which the character will face, these are unkillable with the weapons that Oscar Wilde has and they’re all melee with no ranged attacks. They will be relevant to the era.

Ink Monsters: They’re the fictional enemies which were created by the ink when the lightning hit the house, these are killable and also come in two forms which are the ranged version and melee.

A short summary of the final story concept

My finalised story will be of Oscar Wilde who was a poet, writer and play-write. Deciding to write a new book about the Jurassic period with the ink that his wife at the time brought him from a local seller, this ink has a strong dark energy within it. Later on when the day turns to night, lightning hits his house and sparks the strong energy within the ink. It begins to pulse and brings Oscar Wilde and his other written creations into the book, taking him inside his own in-complete story. He is tasked with collecting all of the missing pages in order to finish the story and escape once and for all. Although along the way he must help piece back his other stories in order for them not to block his journey through the book and make everything how it was. Fighting his way through these ink monsters which were created using the dark energy in the ink as well and common Jurassic dinosaurs which would be located in those areas.

Mind maps and Mood boards

We were tasked with creating a mind map of the game idea and also Mood boards to help us create the game and develop understanding for the game we are creating. It’s also a very good way to research images and certain things about a character, location or even items found within the game. They were all created in Photoshop.

Creating the Mind Map


When creating the mind map I had to keep in mind the things we was notable for and also the era we are setting it in which is the Jurassic era. I wanted to make the mind map pleasing to the eye so what I did was that I used a Graphics Tablet which I had experience with previously in my own time as I do art as a hobby. I made the center a brain as that is were all your thoughts and feelings are kept, then it branches out to different things such as a tree which goes into topics such as level design and the foliage. Past that we have a dinosaur which talks about the dinosaurs in the Jurassic era. To the left of the brain we have a pencil which talks about Oscar Wilde and his creations such as The picture of Dorian Gray and also things about himself.

Creating the Mood Boards

I created 3 mood boards for 3 different scenarios which are the characters and enemies, objects and collectibles, and environment. I wanted to make each one easy to understand and visually pleasing.


The mood board above is characters and enemies. I wanted to use as much of the canvas as possible so instead of having a white or black background I used a background which had old cursive writing on it. I separated characters and the enemies using a picture frame which I think was a good choice as it fits well with the overall pictures and colours. I made sure the largest frame had Oscar Wilde in it as he was the main character and wanting him to be the center of attention like he was in real life too.

I added little things such as main colours used in those pictures which I could use as reference which is a good addition in the creation of sprites and even the environment.  I cropped most of the pictures and used the magic eraser which took out most of the white and made it look more pleasing to the eye.


The mood board above is environment. Yet again I made sure there was no white or black showing in the background so I added a swampy location which would be found in the Jurassic era. I also started to think how Oscar Wilde’s room/house would look like in the interior as that’s where the story will start.

I delve into different foliage styles in pixel form and added those into the mood board as inspiration to the whole game idea. Looking at trees as they would be the main focus in the background as they would cover 70% of the background.


The mood board above is objects. Like always I wanted to not have any white showing in the background and have all of the images work well together which means that every image had to be transparent or made into a transparent image.

I focused on quills, books, pages mainly as I feel like they will be the main focus of the game, as the player will be picking up or using them as weapons within the game.


Logo and name submission

We were tasked with creating a logo and also coming up with a name for our development group. I’ve done two different logos, one was a concept one and the other one was my rendition of it. I wanted to base the logo of the name I’ve chosen which was “No Clue” which thinking back at it wasn’t the best choice. I’ve submitted my Logo design and name to my fellow peers to review it. In the end we didn’t use it and Instead went with “Digital Gateway”.

Here are my logos which I created;

The one of the left used clip art and was used as a concept to the one on the right which kept a sharp line art style.

Personally I dislike how it all turned out, I should of maybe been more creative when it came to the name and as well as the logo.

Reflection on the week

This week was similar to the last one, we did a lot of planning and thought deeply about the story and overall concept of the game. We were also tasked with creating mood board which I found fun and on top of all of that it is extremely helpful in a sense of getting a visual idea of how the game may look like and inspiration to the final game, It also creates a graphical style if we follow these mood boards. We created the first logos for our group, also had to pitch a name with the logo and we had to review each logo and name which each member of the group made. We practiced more on our pixel art style which further more increases our skills and develops our art styles more.