Pixel Art – Character Concepts

Protagonist Designs

I will be showing and explaining my processes of the following concepts of the protagonist characters. I will also compare these to my hand drawn and reference pictures.

Oscar Wilde first attempt


This is my first attempt at my protagonist who is meant to represent Oscar Wilde. I did some things in this one which I personally do not like, as an example hes standing very stiff and facing forward and not facing right or left. I do enjoy how I designed the blazer though, how the shades contrast each limb. The reason why I used a purple shade in his clothing is because when researching he really liked the colour purple as it’s a royal colour so that will be a thing I’ll be using for all of these concepts.

Oscar Wilde second attempt


This is my second and my most favorite concept piece that I’ve created. Personally I like his stance and it gives him a personality. I thought about how the cane could be used and it would be used as a melee weapon. I like how I did the fluffy parts of the coat as it separates the arms from the body. Yet again I used purple as it was commonly known he wore purple and it was his favorite colour.

Oscar Wilde third attempt


This is the final piece for the protagonist. I don’t really like it as there are a lot of different colours and aren’t that pleasing. Personally if I could change this I would change the red to a lighter blue and the green bow to be changed to a blue colour as well. I like that I added the hat which he is holding in his hand in the reference picture and made him wear it.

Enemy Design

I will be showing and explaining my processes of the following concepts of the enemy characters. I will also add in the hand drawn and reference images.

Ink monster first attempt


This was my first attempt at a enemy which would be featured in the game. Part of the story it features a ink monster which is a common enemy that would be found in the game. I didn’t want to fully keep close to the reference picture so that’s why I used a red tint to my ink monster.

Dilophosaurus attempt


This is a enemy which would be found in the game, these would be large and un-killable. I feel like this didn’t turn out as I wanted it as it has a curved tail due to the size of the canvas. It also doesn’t give of a vibe of danger which I was aiming for.


 Pixel Art – Level Concept

Reference images I used for the concept design:

Jurassic Forest scene 72 dpiLatest-Jurassic-Park-HD-Movie-Wallpapers-Download-11

I created a concept of how I wanted my environment to look like. I wanted it to look like the Jurassic era so I added in hills and a iconic volcano. these are my layers which I created and I made all of these in Photoshop.


The final image looks nice, I like how dark it is and how everything looks. I would say if I could change it I would person make the greens darker as it shows that there is some kind of strong light source there but there is only the stars present. I would like to add more detail though as it is quite plain and simple.


Reflection on the week

This week was a lot of fun as we got to do pixel art practice which was great. I got to learn how to develop and design characters based of reference imagery. I personally liked making the level concept task as we had to research and think about certain things, creating a environment is something I’ve always enjoyed doing.