Tile set creation

We were tasked with creating a tile set for a 2D platform game. We had to have 24 tiles which were essential to the development of a game. I created an extra 2 for variation. I used Photoshop to create all of these and the resolution for each tile is 32×32.

When developing my tile sets I colour coordinated them so I could easily find out which are which. I wanted to make all platforms (walk able surfaces) to be different from the normal ones so I added some dirt to give it muddy look.

Tile Set

This picture below is a concept of a level I wish to make in my game, it would be within a cave and have traps placed around. This was created within Photoshop and personally love how this looks like, you can see where you are meant to walk and what you are meant to avoid.


Oscar Wilde Top Trump

This was a promotional piece we were tasked in with creating. We were meant to create a Top Trump of the character in mention compared along side the 32×32 illustration of them. In my Top Trump I created Oscar Wilde whom is a playwright and writes novels. Top trumps are a easy way to display information about the character and also a great way to spread awareness of the project/game.

Top Trump.png