I will be listing the 3 main ideas which I have for my Final Major Project which will cover different skills but focus around the same sort of style. I will be basing the ideas around a medieval period mixed with some fantasy as I strongly enjoy different armour used in those times and also would like to add in my own style into them.

Idea 1 – Comic

The idea which I find the most interesting and also the most engaging one would be creating a short comic based of the previously mentioned medieval period. I would love to produce a story based around a main protagonist who would be an anthropomorphic character and they would make their way through a dungeon (This was the first area I could think of and I would use this for my Idea 2) fighting monsters or other anthropomorphic characters.

The reason why I would be interested in creating a comic / storyboard would be for being able to tell a detailed story with drawings. Personally I love to draw and love the idea of creating stories, so I think this will work really well together and motivate me as it’s something I do in my spare time. As I strongly enjoy anthropomorphic art it would further motivate me to do these comics and put all of my effort into. It would become more of something I would want to do compared to something that I have to do.

It’s important to me as it will build my art graphic portfolio which I’m slowly building up for myself. I’m trying to get into graphic art and already done some commissions for people, groups and businesses. I could also use this to further more for future references and also I could evaluate on my work which would help me strengthen my weaker points and also fundamentally secure my stronger points.

There will be 3 main skills within this Idea which are graphic art, character development and story. My main focuses are the graphic art and story as I want to show and explain a story through my work and make it easy to understand. Character development is important though and I won’t forget that as it is part of the story, which I would be willing to make it mysterious and unclear why the protagonist is there. Similar to Dark souls in a sense that the story isn’t told through text or speech but more through the lore and areas which those characters are in.

My target audience would be people of the ages 16+ and would be mainly targeted around males which are interesting in medieval fighting and also fantasy / dark fantasy. It would also interest people whom are interested in animals and also the style of anthropomorphic caricature.

I’ll be researching into things such as swords, armours, buildings, creatures, skeletons and more. I want to research the soldiers of the medieval times and also what the common folk would of carried on them in term of weaponry. Would look at different art styles and artists who created similar creations as this and would use it as reference. I would also have to research things like animals and peoples take on anthropomorphic creatures.

Idea 2 – Level Design

I would base the Level Design of a story which will be used in all of the Ideas. I’m Considering to create a lifeless hallway or a room which would be located within a dungeon. I would create different textured assets which are commonly found in dungeons such as traps and torture devises. I would like to give the dungeon a abandon look so I was exploring how I could do that, and I thought of things such as cobwebs and dusty textures. I would love to allow the user to interact with the environment but that is very ambitious as I would have to watch and learn on how to do these things within the game engine.

The reason why I thought of doing this would be for the sole reason of me enjoying map design, I’ve always been fascinated with it and also do it sometimes in my spare time. Creating competitive and balanced maps for a multiplayer game but this is something different in a sense of it creating an atmosphere and being visually attractive. I’m also interested in architecture and I’m thinking of having a career in the profession, although I do seek other things to like being a graphic designer but I keep a open mind to these sorts of things.

This one isn’t as important to me as the other ones in a sense of me not really wanting to go into 3D modelling and texturing but I do enjoy the creation of levels and environments. It would give me strong knowledge on how these things are created and the processes for it.

I will be using 4 skills which I could think of when creating this idea which are 3D Modelling, Texturing, Level design and sound. I would use 3D modelling and Texturing to create all the necessary assets for the environment and I would be using 3D Max and the program of choice. I would do the level design in the Unreal Engine and also make the sounds using audacity.

My Target audience is ages 12+ as there won’t be any characters/monsters or any sword fighting present like with the comic which I’m planning to do. This would also be for people whom enjoy structures and also level design of games.

I would be researching dungeons and medieval torture devises for some of the assets which would be present in the environment which I would plan to create. Would research the overall design of dungeons layout, and what rooms they would have in a dungeon.

Idea 3 – Concept Art

The third and final Idea would be concept art of the characters which I would of used in the comic. Would range from the enemies such as skeletons, mages or even other anthropomorphic knights which would be betrayed as predators.  It would be a full page spread of the character with the weapons they would be carrying. Would also write a little introduction of the character and their purposes.

I’m considering this idea so I could build a strong understanding in character development and also knowledge in writing biography for each character. Would also improve my knowledge in character proportions, facial structure and recognition and developing characters with a unique look or style.

This is important to me for the same reasons as my first idea in a sense of building up my art graphic portfolio and also developing my strengths and weaknesses when exploring art styles and developing characters. I could use these for future references like I mentioned before with my comic idea.

The skills which this idea would require would be things such as understanding shading, proportions, character development and also writing of biographies. For concept art the understanding the basics of art like shading would be key and would need to be studied and fully understood.  I would have to be able to create a imaginative story for all of the characters with a description on what their purpose is.

Target audience would be 12+ as it will only be only drawings of characters with descriptions and a short back story. It would be for anyone who enjoys art and character development, with the characters they will feature anthropomorphic animals which are portrayed in a suit of armour for example.